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“.. technically skilled homeautomation,
computer, multi-room, audio-video &
surround enthusiast .. with
network experience”

In the beginning there was MUSIC ..

I was influenced at an age of around 15 by a friend who had a serious hifi system and so I wanted to have one as well. Some part-time jobs after school made it possible that I bought my first speakers, later a turntable and an amplifier – of course I had a portable radio and cassette player first. I bought my components in a local store which offered me a job later after finishing High School and spending some time in the army.

I am working now since 1993 in the electronic business in various positions: Sales Manager in retail shops, Owner (of a retail shop), Product Manager (german daughter company of a projector manufacturer based in Italy), Product / Project Manager within distribution companies, International Sales Manager for a manufacturing company. Within these various places I was not only selling products, I did calibration of video systems, programming of automation systems and even trained others in various fields. During all this time one thing remained the same: my passion for MUSIC!

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International Account & Product Manager
IsoTek Power Systems Ltd.
08-2017 – now
IsoTek is an English company making award-winning power optimisation products for hi-fi and home cinema products.

International Sales Manager
ADUIO by HECstore, Munich
09-2016 – 05-2017
ADUIO is a brand owned by HECstore – homecinema loudspeakers, custom speakers, electronics.

Assistant Managing Director
HECstore, Munich
09-2016 – 05-2017
Retail shop (Home Entertainment Concept store) that is specialized in installation (residential, homecinema, hifi, highend, board rooms) in Germany and abroad.

Sales Manager (International)
MBL Akustikgeräte GmbH & Co. KG, Berlin
07-2012 – 08-2016
Manufacturer of High End electronics and loudspeakers since 1979.

Project Manager
Wert-Anlage Audiosysteme GmbH, Berlin
07-2011 – 06-2012
Distribution company – MBL (DACH) – Waterfall Audio (D).

Product Manager
IMAGE Vertriebs GmbH, Wiebelsheim
07-2005 – 06-2012
Distribution company for DACH / Spain for several brands – for example: Audiovector, Control4, DVDO, IMAGE Screens, Kaleidescape, Runco, Screen Research, Speakercraft.
(company closed)

Product Manager
SIM2 Deutschland GmbH, Braunshorn
12-2003 – 05-2005
Italian manufacturer of projection systems for residential and professional use.

ARTTON, Berlin
07-2001 – 08-2003
Retail shop for High End / HiFi systems, glas furniture and art.
(company closed)

Sales Manager
Audio Forum HiFi-Studios GmbH, Berlin
08-1998 – 06-2001
Retail shop that was specialized in HiFi, High End, Automation, Homecinema.

Sales Manager
HiFi-Land Sound77 GmbH, Kassel
01-1995 – 07-1998
Retail shop that was specialized in HiFi, High End, TV, Homecinema and Car Stereo.
(company closed)

Trainee / Kaufman im Einzelhandel (Salesmanager Retail)
HiFi-Land Sound77 GmbH, Kassel
07-1993 – 12-1995
Retail shop that was specialized in HiFi, High End and Car Stereo.
(company closed)

Graduation from High School, Kassel

Birthday / Place
04-17-1969 / Berlin

Marriage / Wedding
10-17-2017 / Ireland

Professional Skills
isf & THX trained
display calibration
acoustic measurement – hifi/homecinema
Control4 programming
OSX & Windows

Personal Skills

I worked with several brands in the past:

ADUIO, Audiovector, Audioquest,
Bowers & Wilkins, Burmester,
CardAccess, Colorfacts, CONTROL4,
D-Box, Denon, DSPeaker, Dune HD, DVDO,
Fortress, Future Automation,
Integra, IMAGE Screens, isf,
Kaleidescape, Kimber,
Liberty, Lilin, Loewe, Luxul,
Magnepan, Martin Logan, MBL, miniDSP, Mogami,
Nakamichi, Nevo,
Pakedge, Parasound, Primare, Pronto, Rotel, Runco,
Schneider Optics, SIM2, SONOS, Speakercraft,
T+A, Teufel, THX,
Waterfall Audio, WireWorld, Yamaha
.. and some more

Activities / Interests
Travelling, Sports, Cooking, reading all kind of background articles that are work related


Michael Fremer | Stereophile – YouTube

You have some spare time and are interested in audio? Listen to Michael Fremer from Stereophile. Michael Fremer, Editor of, and Contributing Editor to Stereophile, gives us a tour of his listening room and shares a few thoughts on the industry. Filmed September 2017 in Wyckoff, New Jersey.


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