HomePod – Apple

Apple HomePod

I really look forward to test one of these .. not because they will playback music in a “lively” way but I guess I will have FUN with them!

With amazing sound, automatic room sensing, and the vast Apple Music library, HomePod takes the speaker to a whole new level.

Source: HomePod – Apple

HTE – Italy | Home Theatre Environment

If you like to watch movies but you don’t want to waste time in an uncomfortable cinema seat with a neighbor that enjoyed garlic yesterday you should consider one of the HTE solutions ..

“HTE firmly believes that a large private cinema room is much more than just having a big screen and deafening volume level. Recreating an authentic movie experience at home requires flawless design and accurate acoustics along with exciting audio and video performance and, above all, comfort and livability. This is our passion and the work we have been successfully pursuing for the past 30 years”.

Source: HTE – Italy | Home Theatre Environment

Kraftwerk 3-D

I was just looking into the updated Qobuz APP for iOS and found out that there is a new release from Kraftwerk. Skipping through the titles I guess I have to take a close look at their new release and listen to their special versions for headphone playback very soon 😃
🎧 Kraftwerk @ Qobuz

3-D | Kraftwerk to stream in hi-fi, or to download in True CD Quality on Qobuz.com

Source: 3-D | Kraftwerk – Download and listen to the album